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'First in, last out': North Carolina community welcomes Afghan translator who served the 82nd Airborne t.co/Mg29DNZ9kZ

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Carrie Severino

Exactly thirty years ago today, Justice Thomas was confirmed to the Supreme Court. And for thirty years, Justice… t.co/ahZTVNEKzp

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Carolina Journal

Our State Treasurer, Dale Folwell doesn't want the IRS meddling in your bank accounts. t.co/MIYNUBKQZG

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Law & Liberty

. @joldmcginn and Mike Rappaport discuss the legacy of Clarence Thomas as an originalist and how it compares to the… t.co/qS6PGzveTV

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NORTH CAROLINA-PAY ATTENTION Scorched-Earth Judging in North Carolina - WSJ t.co/VVxI7BbvUF

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