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David turned to God, & it was revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that the spiritual tide of his nation could rise n… t.co/RlHi8tHYwi

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"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? I AM!" 8 years ago today, a legendary moment was born. t.co/2d0IuzlprM

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The Charlotte Observer

A week before election, judge asks court to block critical TV story she says is untrue t.co/NHtjps2ZTY

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Greg Murphy

I wanted to provide people with an update on coronavirus from the perspective of a physician. Takeaways: -Containme… t.co/JrQakE7CQC

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⁦I can walk to this @Wegmans⁩ from my house. Grand opening will be Sunday Aug. 2 at 7 a.m. t.co/zkrDbua3nU